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Stitches A La Carte


By Lynda Richardson

This book is such a delightful resource for every stitcher. If you are a beginner, you’ll get lots of stitch patterns that only need Tent Stitch. If you are a more experienced stitcher, you’ll find plenty of great ideas to bring life to many projects.

There are over 60 stitch patterns. Almost all the patterns are repeating in scales from small to large. The patterns, with a few exceptions, use Tent Stitch or Backstitch. Most of the patterns are charted in a single color, although some use two colors. Any of them could be modified to use more than one color.

Using these stitches for backgrounds creates a great texture and keeps the background in the background because the stitching is less dense. Besides being another look, stitchers who prefer to use only Tent now have an easy way to add dimension and texture without using new stitches. The patterns are good for more than just backgrounds. You can also use them, especially the denser patterns, for areas in the focal point.