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Hedgehog Needlepoint – Tuscan Travel Tag


(HH1-TUS),  3″ x 5″, 18 mesh

What does it all mean?

• Yellow & Purple – The City of Tucson flag is yellow and purple
• Kokopeli – a fertility deity of the Hopi and Navajo. May have originally come from the Aztecs (flute and humped back) traders would walk from tribe to tribe with their goods on their backs. Petroglyphs with the Kokopeli can
be round lust outside of Tucson
• 8- 800 miles of bike paths
• C – as legend has it the Chimichanga was
invented at the F Curro Care
•3- Tucson air has been rated the 3rd best in the
• 715 – a 1971 LIfe Magazine article declared that the Speedway Blvd was the ugliest street in the
US due to the Neon signage
• TSC – is the Tucson Sign code was passed in
2011 as an incentive to preserve the
aforementioned neon signage
• OS – O’odham Tribe the ancestral home was in and around Tucson. The name Tucson is thought to have originated from Ts-iuk-shan. which means “Base is darker than the top” which is what they called Sentinel Peak

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