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Rainbow Gallery – Fuzzy Stuff


Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff – Exactly as the name implies, it is really fuzzy with a shinny glint. Use short lengths and bring straight up and straight down through the canvas. Do not drag or pull diagonally. There is really no need to brush this yarn as it is fuzzy all by itself. The shinny hairs do not overpower the rest of the yarn, they just add a nice hint of sparkle. White Fuzzy Stuff is great for snow and snowmen. Fill in areas with split stitches or long stitches. Ignore the rule of going down into a full hole and up in an unused hole. If you come up in a hole that already has the Fuzzy Stuff stitched in it you will be pulling the hairs up to the front of the canvas to add a little more fuzziness.

There are good animal colors and some very wild and funky colors that are great for Halloween designs, wild hair or outlandish garments.

Available in 40 colors.
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