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Twisty Stitches Volume 2


By Carole Lake and Michael Boren

This volume of Twisty Stitches covers the stitches from Mistake Stitch to Walneto, 7 stitches in all.

Here you’ll find detailed instructions for making Rhodes Stitch (see my all-Rhodes free patternhere), Sprat’s Head, Sheaf Stitch, and one of my favorites, Waffle. All stitches you often find in books but stitches that, like the Hilton Stitches, tend to confuse stitches.

After the step-by-step pictures there are diagrams and pictures of variations of the stitch. This is where the book shows its immense value for any stitcher. You’ll find 18 different Rhodes Stitches, including two hearts20 Sheaf Stitches, and 14 Waffle Stitches. Because many of these variations can be made in different sizes, you’ve got guides to dozens more ideas.