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Hedgehog Needlepoint – Bunny Travel Tag


(HH1-BNY),  3″ x 5″, 18 mesh

What does it all mean?
• Yes, there really is a town in the UK with the name Bunny. Do they have an airport? No… but in the interest of an Easter Themed Retro Travel Tag, why not pretend?
• Bunny Ears, Tail and egg – yup, you guessed it. Easter themes for everyone.
• A60N-the village of Bunny is situated on the A60 south of Nottingham
• DVD – Above the door of the Old School and Almshouse on Loughborough Road in Bunny is the inscription “Disce vel
Discede” which is “Learn or Leave” in
• NHEIA-also written above the Old
School door is “Nemo Hinc Egrediatur ignarus Arithmetice” which is “no one from here will step out ignorant in maths.

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