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Hedgehog Needlepoint – Lyon Retro Travel Tag


(HH1-LYS),  3″ x 5″, 18 mesh


Pink, Black & White: the colors of the professional Lyon womens’ soccer
and basketball teams
PB: Paul Bocuse, famous 3 star Michelin Chef in Lyon
T – Traboules are hidden perpendicular streets found around Lyon
PP – the father of the author of the Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint was
born in Lyon
U4-Lyon is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 4 periods
Exupéry, Gallo Roman, Renaissance, Industrial can be found throughout
3-the first time Michelin guide awarded stars were given to 3 female
chefs, those chefs were in and around Lyon
3 Fleur de Lis – representing France
Rooster – representing the plate with French Cockerel from Paul
Bocuse’s restaurant, an iconic gourmet institution (Bocuse Collongesau-Mon-d’Or), leaning into the prestigious culinary French heritage

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