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Hedgehog Needlepoint – Delhi Travel Tag


(HH1-DEL),  3″ x 5″, 18 mesh

The colors of the India Flag are represented by the white orange and
verdant green.
Elephant – the Asian Elephant cousin to the African elephant is beloved
part of the Indian lifestyle… massive efforts have been underway to bring
change into animal cruelty, captivity and minimize wildlife/human
MG – Mahatma Gandhi, a political ethicist and anti-colonial who
employed nonviolent resistance in India‘s efforts for independence. He
also inspired moments for civil rights and freedom around the world.
BAPU – the term of endearment means „father“ in many Indian
languages, Gandhi was officially honored as BAPU of the Nation of India.
Bapu was also a polite form of address given to him considering his age,
position and wisdom.
1869 – Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869

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