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Hedgehog Needlepoint – Addis Ababa Travel Tag


(HH1-ADD),  3″ x 5″, 18 mesh

L-Lucy, Australopithecus Afarensis, is the common name of the
fossilized remains of a female hominin species unearthed in Hadar,
Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the skeleton is called, Dinkinesh, which means
„you are marvelous“ in the Amharic language.
7726 – the Altitude of Addis Ababa
AB – Abebe Bikila, the first Ethiopian Olympic gold medalist in the 1960
13 – Ethiopia has a 13 month calendar as opposed to a 12 month
Gegorian calendar
Green, Yellow and Red are the colors of the Ethiopian flag
Arabic at the top of the tag spells Coffee (to the best of my ability) which
is one of the number one exports of Ethiopia


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