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Rainbow Gallery – Neon Rays Colors# – N76-N200


A laying tool is needed and there are several different ones on the market, all of which work well. Also, note that stitching tension will have an effect on the coverage of Neon Rays. A tighter tension will thin this yarn out and a looser tension will allow it to expand on the canvas. Also, try stabbing Neon Rays with the needle after it is threaded. By piercing the ribbon with the needle, you will avoid it slipping out of the needle. This will help you control your tension. Bury the Neon Rays well when you begin and end, as it will slip out easily. A Bargello tuck is recommended.

(14-18 count canvas, long stitches on 18-22 count)

Available in 138 colors

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Neon Rays #’s N76 -N200 * 

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