Stitchers’ Corner

Multi-Shells Stocking
(Needle Crossings - #2801)
stitched by
Marilyn Nelson

Beagle Pillow
(Barbara Russell Needlepoint - #BR103)
stitched by
Betty Anders

(Melissa Shirley Designs - CH143-3, Framed by The Frame Station)
stitched by
Sally Oswald

Santa Stocking
(The Artist Collection - #HS7101)
stitched by
Lesley Allison

Halloween House & Kids
(Needle Deeva - House #400, Kids #465-B & 465-C)
stitched by
Barbara South

Sleigh Sock
(Cooper Oaks Design #WK2036)
stitched by
Judy Busch

Four Pumpkins with Cat
(Gina B Designs for Julia's Needleworks #NOW13)
stitched by
Virginia White

Noel Stand-up
(Shelly Tribbey )
stitched by
Nancy Green

Lily’s Pillow
(Kit - artist unknown)
stitched by
Melissa Bonwit

Tropical Santa
(Susan Roberts - #TTAXS365)
stitched by
Margie Clark

Santa with Teddy Bears
(Alexa Needlepoint Designs #CS7175)
stitched by
Kathy Reeding

Beach Bags
(What's The Point in Dublin, Ohio)
stitched by
Pam Avoyer

Primitive Ornaments with Moon Stocking Cuff
(Elizabeth Turner Collection - #XC-12)
stitched by
Rosanne Fleming

La Valencia
(designer unknown)
stitched by
Stina Grimm

All Dressed Up
(Maggie Designs - Frank Bielec #M-1036)
stitched by
Mary Lee Delafield

Joy – It’s Spreading
(Maggie Designs - Frank Bielec #M-1010)
stitched by
Mary Lee Delafield

Purple Rose Geisha
(Melissa Shirley Designs - #1634-B)
stitched by
Dorothy Cooper

Red & White Candy Cane Ornament
(Melissa Shirley Designs - #1505-C)
stitched by
Lori Kretz

Rover in the Christmas Tree Mini-Sock
(Artists Collection - #MH2515)
stitched by
Lri Kretz

Christmas Woody
(Cooper Oaks Designs #SWB 136)
stitched by
Jane Marks