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That’s Not Needlepoint Series 2


By Dede Ogden

The book is two books in one. The first half of the book has almost 60 stitches beautifully diagrammed, thanks to Robin King. These run from familiar stitches, such as Skip Tent, to variations of common stitches, to new stitches and stitch combinations. If a stitch needs to be done in passes it gets more than one diagram. In addition many of the diagrams are in more than one color. Every stitch is numbered to make it easy to do.

It gives not only a wealth of stitches, but also shows us how shadow stitches and traditional stitches can combine in one piece.  Following the stitch diagrams there are two pages of stitching tips, many of which are useful for any needlepoint.

Finally there is the index. It is also in table form and lists the stitch, the plate number and the projects where it is used.