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Sajou Embroidery Scissors, Ciseaux Reedition



In France, the historical regions of scissor-making are the the same as those of cutlery fabrication: The Haute-Marne in Nogent-en Bassigny, Châtellereault, Thiers, Rouen… However, the most refined and sophisticated production was to be found in Nogent. The embroidery scissors Sajou offers are re-editions from traditional French scissor-making. They are made in France benefitting from the craftmanship of qualified artisans.

This pair of scissors is made of forged steel which is hand-dipped, polished and chromed. No less than 15 operations are involved in their production. An important detail enables us to judge the quality of a pair of scissors: the pairing marks – the number which you can see on the interior of each of the blades. This indicates that the two blades have been perfectly adjusted to form a pair.