Custom Services

Custom Design & Painting

We can paint names on your stocking in a variety of scripts and colors to compliment the design.  Our in-house designer can also custom design and paint a stocking using a person’s interests or hobbies. If you just can’t seem to find the perfect canvas, our in-house designer can take your ideas or images, adapt to needlepoint and custom paint on mesh size of your choice All requests must be copyright free.              Debbie's Kitty

Stitch Guide Service

In addition to our optional service of selecting threads for your project, we can also create a custom stitch guide. Each stitch guide will include a thread selection with computer graphed diagrams and written instructions as to plies required and other useful information.  Since we retain a copy, you may also ask for assistance via telephone or email. A custom stitch guide begins at $35.00 for a small ornament up to $150 for a stocking.  Cost of larger items or more detailed by request.

Custom Stitching & Finishing

From start to finish, our staff of professional stitchers can begin or finish a project in a variety of threads and stitches. We also have a variety of finishers who can take your stitched canvas and create a very special piece of Needle art.  We have a wide range of fabrics to choose from and also offer customer finishing where fabric and trim are selected just for your piece.